So I’ve been making candles for a couple years now. I try to keep a variety of fragrances in stock so I can hopefully appeal to many different people’s smell preferences. I get all of my fragrance oils from Candle Science, and with my fragrance guide, I try to include as much detail about the scent notes you will find in each candle. But unfortunately you will find that there is always a scent missing.


You see my friends, despite my desire to cater to everyone’s favorite smells, I have a certain handicap which will forever prevent me from being the best candle-maker you ever did see. I am allergic to lavender.

You may be thinking: “What? How could you be allergic to lavender? It’s such a soothing, relaxing, delightful scent! I drink it in my tea, I soak it in my bath, I love to rub it all over my body! I NEED MY LAVENDER FIX KATIE!”

Well I am sincerely sorry, but you will need to scratch that itch (haha, get it–ITCH?) elsewhere.

While to you it may be soothing and pleasant, to me, it brings nothing but rashes, sneezes, and wheezes. I love my customers, but I have to draw a line somewhere, and spending an afternoon melting down hot wax and lavender oil–while as nice as it may smell–is not worth the unpleasant repercussions. 

Please put down the pitchforks. I hope you all can forgive me. <3

Please enjoy some of the other scented candles I offer…they really are lovely!