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Hello! Welcome to my website! My name is Katie Webb and I have been creating and crafting my whole life. In fact, I love creating art so much that I made a career out of it. By day, I’m the art teacher at an elementary school, and by night, I dive into any project I can get my hands on.

I’d say I dabble in quite a lot of mediums. The employees at my local craft store practically know me by name, and I am constantly getting into new projects. Whether it’s quilting, painting, candle-making, sculpting, cross-stitching, embroidery, Cricut-cutting, Perler-beading, I must get into it, and I must get into it HARD. One of the side-effects of dabbling is my house is practically exploding with craft supplies. Just ask my husband; his “office” is pretty much Katie’s craft and fabric storage with a computer in the corner. My dining room table is my studio. So how did I get here?

In 2018, my husband Rob and I got married and bought our first house, and after going through the process of writing thank-you notes for gifts, and purchasing items for our new home, we both decided we should each buy ourselves something we REALLY wanted from our registry. Rob chose some fancy power tool set, and I chose a quilting/sewing machine.

Thus began the obsession. Within a year, I had an ever-growing fabric “stash”, a notebook packed with drawn out designs, and a dozen or so quilting projects finished. In that same time, I had also bought myself a Cricut machine which I quickly became obsessed with, and then furthered my love of things-that-smell-good by getting into candle-making.

The rotation of crafting presented itself to be useful when holidays came around, as I would gift candles to my friends. When coworkers started having babies, I would make quilted bibs, burp cloths, or blankets as shower gifts. Eventually, I got pretty good at making this stuff, and started selling some of it.

In 2021, I gave birth to my son, and since then, I have had my hands full! While I have gotten a little more lax with promoting my business, I still do lots of creating, especially making quilts. Please feel free to reach out if you have a project you want me to take on.

So here I am now, selling the items I have lovingly spent time, money, and a little bit of my sanity to create. It’s likely I’ll use these profits to continue financing my crafting obsession, but what can I say—I really love creating. Please know everything I make is hand-made with love and care, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. The best part of this hobby is seeing people so happy with the work I create for them.

Thank you so much for reading. Please enjoy perusing my wares and let me know if you have any questions!


-Katie Webb


Donald H.

“Nationals bib and burp cloth!!! I feel bad getting these dirty but they are too stylish not to use! Great job Katie! Thank you!”

Mike R.

“Katie made candles for my wedding that turned out great. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.”

Jessica D.

“We love our bibs and burp cloth made by Katie Webb Creations! They are beautiful and unique pieces that we treasure. The fabrics have adorable prints, and the quality cannot be beat. Almost too pretty to use for spit-up and food spills!”